Reluctant readers Our books for reluctant readers are edgy, gritty and turn your reluctant readers into avid page-turners. Older learners don’t want to be patronised with childish words or presentation. Our graded readers look top-notch and have an immediate appeal that guarantees student motivation.
Inside retail This life readers Plus Law and order

Inside retail

This series showcases jobs in the retail sector with simple text describing the most crucial tasks each worker does. Photography style aids understanding and helps students relate meaning to print.

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Machines at work

Your students will engage with the photography and the grown up look and feel of this new series. The books follow a similar format for each machine: where you’d see the machine, what jobs it does, what special features it has, what it’s like inside the machine, working on a job and facts and figures.

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Law and order

Written by an Educational Psychologist as the result of an action research project, these hard-hitting stories have massive appeal to young people. If they like watching Skins, your youngsters will genuinely relate to the Law and order series. Reading age 7+

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Flecther Road Breaking point Brinsford books

Fletcher Road

Fletcher Road is a brand new series of reading books written to engage and motivate reluctant readers. With interesting and up-to-date contexts your students will readily relate to the characters in these fast-paced stories. Reading age 7-8.

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Breaking point

This brand new series of 10-minute thrillers is guaranteed to capture the attention and interest of your reluctant and struggling readers. Reading age 6-7. Interest level 11-adult.

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Brinsford books

In direct response to reluctant readers’ dislike of ‘stories’, half of Brinsford books are motivational non-fiction about cars and motorbikes. The remaining hard-hitting, gritty titles are stories that male students, in particular, can genuinely relate to. Each title is illustrated with cutting edge drawings or exclusive black and white photography. Books are graded from reading ages 6 to 11 (Entry 1 - Level 1).

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This life readers FastTrack  

This life readers

Engaging photostories for emerging readers. The stories feature one or two short, simple sentences per page with good, clear print and plenty of repetition and reinforcement. The Resource pack helps you extend students literacy skills. Reading age 6 (Milestone 8/Entry Level 1).

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This isn’t a reader, but if you have any non-readers you may be interested in our complete teaching programmes for older non-readers and writers. These multisensory programmes come complete with diagnostic assessments, teaching notes, worksheets and games. Can be delivered by TAs.

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