Work related learning Modern resources to support your delivery of work-related learning. Our structured materials help students learn for work – giving them the skills they need – job hunting, personal and social skills, work-related literacy and numeracy. You’ll also find they support students’ learning through work – giving them the essential skills they need to succeed on work placements.
Functional skillbuilders Thinking skills WorkScenes

Functional Skillbuilders

Your one-stop solution for helping students catch up with literacy and numeracy in work-related contexts. Functional Skillbuilders cover every level and category of the Functional English and Maths standards (Entry 1 – Level 2). Workplace contexts are true to life, they motivate and engage your students and make progression easy.

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Thinking skills

A brand new series containing written, audio and video based activities – all perfect for helping students develop essential skills for work including listening, observational, oral and written communication skills.

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Numeracy and literacy in vocational contexts. WorkScenes provides teachers with a huge bank of photocopiable, contextualised literacy and numeracy resources which will motivate your students.

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Basic skills for work Job skills Socail skills

Basic skills for work

Provides students with the essential communication skills they will use in everyday work and life. Practical scenarios and realistic contexts build English skills and give your students the strategies they need to succeed.

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Job skills

Uses the topics of job seeking skills to reinforce basic literacy and numeracy skills. Written at an accessible level these titles provide students with the essential skills they will use to get and keep a job.

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Social skills

Resources to help your students develop self-awareness and social skills. Here they learn how to deal with social situations at work including how to get on with others, develop conversation skills and have a good work attitude.

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Money management Signs and symbols  

Money management

Motivational resources to teach financial capability. For work-related learning our most popular title is Taxation and Wages.

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Signs and symbols

Use everyday contexts to motivate learners with these books that are designed to be a fun way into literacy as well as providing your students with essential, sometimes life-saving information.

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